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At Choice Health Centre, we do more than talk about holistic and integrated health and wellness. We live it — every day.

Choice is different from other healthcare clinics. Why? Because at Choice, we’re all about YOU. Choice practitioners work collaboratively from ONE CHART, share their expertise, and create personalized treatment plans for each patient.

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No waiting, no time-consuming out-of-clinic referrals, no explaining your situation over and over again. Just a community of health practitioners and patients working together to get healthy and stay that way.

The benefits of our tailored multidisciplinary approach include better healing and recovery, more effective injury prevention, and a faster return to the activities you love. You’ll feel like yourself again — only better!



  • Just as businesses were shutting down and we were told to stay at home I found out I had advanced arthritis in my ankle. I was finding it very difficult to walk around my house, and I was taking the stairs sitting down so I didn't fall. My doctor told me that until we could meet the only thing he could recommend was a brace to help me walk, but... Read More

    — Jamie A
  • "Although I was a bit hesitant to use virtual treatments, I have found them to be very helpful in my healing process. The ability to track my exercises and get daily reminders to complete them have made it so simple to ensure I am doing everything possible to make progress. Being able to watch the videos multiple times and reviewing the videos with my physiotherapist during my online appointments has... Read More

    — Erin G
  • "Virtual care has been extremely helpful. I don't know what I would do without an online option! It's convenient, one-on-one and easy (even fun!) to use."

    — Brin
  • "I had been suffering extreme, burning pain in my buttock and down both sides of my leg for 5 days and nights, disabling me and keeping me from sleep. Through virtual telehealth, my chiropractor at Choice diagnosed the problem taught me some exercise strategies she felt I needed. Now I am sleeping and putting in a normal day's activities. Thank you, Choice Health Centre, for answering my plea during this... Read More

    — Bev, 76
  • "I could not believe how good I felt the following day."

    — Gerald E.
  • "Over the years, chiropractic has helped me manage my neck pain. The combination of Active Release Technique, Acupuncture, Laser, exercise and manual adjustments offered at Choice Health Centre has made all the difference."

    — Jennifer
  • "Pain no longer rules my life. Instead I have found a way, with the help of the team at Choice Health Centre, to rule my pain!"

    — Phyllis D.​
  • "I have received shockwave treatment and have wonderful results. I like to golf and this has relieved the discomfort in my shoulders and straightened out my swing, taken the shake and numbness out of my hands. I am a believer. Thank you."

    — Betty H.

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