About Advanced Wireless Muscle Stimulation

Advanced Wireless Muscle Stimulation in Halifax and Dartmouth

Recovering from an injury such as a fracture, sprain, or strain? Experiencing unexplained pain that seems to come out of nowhere? Is your game suffering?

Choice Health Centre is proud to be the first clinic in greater Halifax to offer the Wireless Professional Advanced Muscle Stimulator. Muscle stimulation is used in the active rehabilitation of muscles and helps overcome muscle imbalances by targeting the specific muscle group that is not firing properly.

The Wireless Professional Advanced Muscle Stimulator is more specialized than other muscle stimulation devices you may have tried.

  • It performs a pre-scan of your muscle and determines the level of current required to cause it to twitch and no more, allowing for a completely customized treatment protocol unique to you.
  • Wireless freedom of movement lets you perform more functional exercises while the unit is on.
  • The stimulator can also be set to turn on only once you have contracted the muscle yourself, letting you know exactly when you’re using the right muscle.
  • Finally, the device has a TENS unit built in that provides pain relief while you exercise.

Find Out if Wireless Muscle Stimulation is For You.

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