About Prolotherapy

Perineural Injection Treatment in Halifax & Dartmouth

What is perineural injection treatment?

Also known as subcutaneous prolotherapy or neural prolotherapy, this new form of pain treatment for knees, shoulders, neck, hips, low back, and ribs is also great for tennis elbow, sciatica, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, and many more conditions! This safe and effective treatment was developed by John Lyftogt, a sports medicine doctor who focuses on the treatment of pain.

How does prolotherapy work?

After a thorough assessment diagnoses the cause of the pain, a small volume of 5% dextrose solution is injected superficially under the skin using a very small needle. The working hypothesis is that dextrose helps repair inflamed nerves known to cause chronic painful conditions known as neuropathic pain or neurogenic inflammation. These small nerves innervate muscles, ligaments, and tendons and prevent healing of these tissues.

Who can benefit from prolotherapy treatments?

People experiencing chronic or acute pain can benefit from perineural injection. You can receive this treatment even if you have been treated with other injections, such as cortisone, or have had surgeries for pain-inducing conditions.

Most patients get pain reduction in as little as 1 to 2 treatments, others need 5 to 6 treatments.

Prolotherapy is administered by a naturopathic doctor, and is often covered by your private health care plan.

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