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A Real Pain In The… Tailbone: Causes & Treatment of Coccydynia

Coccydynia is defined as pain in the coccyx or tailbone area, often brought on by a fall onto the coccyx or by persistent irritation usually from sitting (1). With winter in full swing I thought it was a good time to talk about this type of injury. This is the time of year for falls […] Read More

An Acupuncturist’s Approach To Unexplained Infertility & How Acupuncture Can Help

Being diagnosed with unexplained infertility can be one of the most frustrating diagnoses a woman can receive. Preparing to bring new life into the world can be an overwhelming decision as it is, but to be told it may not happen for you can be devastating. It is one of those times you feel like […] Read More

4 Tips To Help You Stay On Your Feet This Winter Season

The holiday season is a time for Joy, laughter and sadly falls. Approximately 70% of all hospitalizing falls occur between the months of December – March; while falls themselves are commonly highlighted to be one of the leading causes of loss of functional independence [1]. With this drastic change in falls, we must take action […] Read More

It’s Concussion Season: All You Need To Know (And Then Some) About Concussions

Winter is upon us and with it, the season of slip-and-falls, both accidental and sports-based, and therefore, also “concussion season”. How do you know if you have sustained a concussion?  Who can help you figure out if you have one? How do you know when you can go back to work or sport? Why is […] Read More

Massage Therapy: A Natural, Effective Way to Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are symptoms that many of us experience on a regular basis. Luckily, there are also many great ways to manage them. One natural and effective way is getting massage treatments on a regular basis. Feelings of stress and anxiety often start out as temporary and controllable symptoms. However, when they are not […] Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Deep Tissue Massage & Why You Shouldn’t Fear It

Many people have a misconception when it comes to a deep tissue massage. Everyone thinks it’s going to be extremely painful, they are going to be black & blue afterwards or you are going to limp out of the treatment room. No pain, no game- right? WRONG! I specialize in deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy and […] Read More

Backpacks 101: We’ve Got Your Back On How to Start Your School Year Off Right

In just a short time the kids are heading back to school, and that means backpacks filled with school supplies, sports gear and lots of other fun stuff! A heavy or poor fitted backpack can cause unwanted stress on growing spines, which can lead to back pain and dysfunction. Research has shown that more than 50% of young […] Read More

“I Don’t Believe In Chiropractic”: Chiropractic Is Not The Tooth Fairy

Last week, a patient said to me: “Dr. Brigitte, I have a friend who needs help with his lower back pain, but he won’t come in to see you because he doesn’t believe in chiropractic. I’m so frustrated because I know you could really help him.” This type of comment about “believing” or “not believing” in chiropractic comes up […] Read More

Having Pain This Golf Season? How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Better Your Golf Performance

It’s Golf Season! As the weather gets warmer, golfers are hitting the links! For many, this is a major form of physical activity throughout the summer months. During the long winter you may find yourself being less active, and getting back into your golf game could leave you with some unexpected aches and pains. Here are a list of common golf problems […] Read More

Dear Runners, Stop Worrying About Your Knees From: A Physiotherapist and Distance Runner

Chances are, if you are a runner, you have been a victim at some point to the dreaded small-talk with a well-intentioned stranger about bad knees. You may get roped into talking about your own bad knees, or their bad knees, or their friend’s Aunt-who-ran-boston-once’s bad knees. I am going to make a generalization and say […] Read More

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