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Corporrate Wellness Programs

Level 1: A complimentary lunch and learn seminar on a topic of your choice, provided by one of our clinicians who would be considered experts in that field. 

Level 2: A series of lunch and learns provided for a small fee, each provided by one of our clinicians, on a variety of topics to suit your needs! 

Level 3: A signed contractual arrangement where Choice Health Centre becomes the preferred provider for your organization! 

This provides you with:

  • Unlimited lunch and learns throughout the contracted period
  • Guaranteed same-day appointments for work-related injuries (WCB claims)
  • Guaranteed same-day appointments for non-work related injuries
  • The doc is in!: On-site consultation hours available

Examples of lunch and learn topics in the employee wellness programs include but are not limited to:

  • Deskercise: Repetitive strain injuries related to prolonged postures at work are on the rise and in the top 5 reasons for time off work and visits to medical doctors. Learn key tools to prevent injury and improve productivity at work with this interactive and immediately applicable seminar!
  • Wired & Tired: Ending the Stress Cycle: Do you feel wired and tired? Pulled in all different directions? Learn how your stress hormones affect you and what you can do to manage that response, making you more productive at work and at home. 
  • Shockwave therapy: The gold standard for repetitive strain injuries. Do you or someone you know suffer from a plantar fasciitis/heel pain, tennis or golfers elbow, rotator cuff or patellar tendonitis? Do you have a chronic injury and feel like you have “tried everything”? In this seminar, learn more about what shockwave therapy is, conditions that it can be used for, and how it provides fast, superior clinical results that traditional conservative care modalities have failed at. 
  • Concussions 101: Are you confused about concussion? There is a lot of controversial information out there and this seminar breaks down the heaps of info on concussion to provide you with clarity on all you all you need to know to keep your brain and those of your loved ones safe! Our certified concussion clinicians will explain what a concussion is and the dangers of the “wait and see” approach. How do you know if you have one and how to care for them to insure a safe return to work, school, sport and play will be covered.
  • Pelvic floor Physiotherapy: busting the myths around women’s pelvic health. Do you leak pee when you jump or sneeze? Have pelvic organ prolapse or sexual dysfunction? If so, you’re not alone- and you do not have to live this way! 1 in 3 women suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and many of them don’t even know it or know there is help! This seminar focuses on pelvic health, as a specialized area of physiotherapy, which assesses and treats dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles.

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