DIY: 3 Of Our Favourite Lacrosse Ball Muscle & Tissue Releases During Self-Isolation

Long hours working at home from desks plus increased activity through home workouts, walking and running have led to many of you reaching out to us for help with lower limb (leg and foot) and upper back complaints. If you are suffering, nothing beats an individualized assessment and specific self-care prescription through a one-on-one telehealth appointment with one of our chiropractors or physiotherapists. However, here are some of our favourite lacrosse ball releases for your upper back and lower limb: 

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Begin by sitting in a chair (standing while doing this exercise can be too much for the fascia as it is a sensitive area). Take your lacrosse ball starting by your heel, apply a firm yet gentle pressure as roll the ball up & down the arch. This is going to strip the muscles in your longitudinal arch and help calm down hypertonicity & disperse lactic acid in the foot. Do this 30-50 times & then switch feet.


Begin by finding a wall and placing the ball on the medial border of the scapulae which is between your shoulder blade & spine. There is a point at the bottom of your shoulder blade called your inferior angel (1) & that’s where you will start.

 A) Gently lean into the lacrosse ball against the wall while taking your arm of the same side the ball is on and slowing bring your arm across your body for 5 seconds & then 5 seconds back.

B) Once you have done this squat a little moving the ball down half an inch and repeat this process until you reach you CT junction (2).

The rhomboid is a muscle that is commonly lengthened and weak, which leads to trigger points and back pain. By doing this exercise you are lengthening the muscles, calming down the overstretched muscles & creating more fluidity of the muscle bands over underlying muscles with movement.


This one comes in two parts because there are two main muscles of your calf – gastrocnemius & soleus.

Gastrocnemius is the outer muscle when you go on your tippy toes it’s very prompt & soleus is underneath, equally as important. What you’re going to do is sit on the ground and have a lacrosse ball on the inner edge of your calf, starting just after the pit of your knee. Slowly slide yourself self so the ball goes from the pit of your knee to your ankle. Do this slowly 10 – 15 times & then switch sides.

Next release the soleus. Place the ball directly in the middle of your calf again while seated doing the same as before but keeping the ball directly in the middle. Do this for 20 sets each calf. These exercises are especially good but not limited to runners, cyclists & Olympic lifting as all use the calves as the main stabilizer. 

There is so much you can do with a lacrosse ball. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for help on how you can use your lacrosse balls to help with your pain during self-isolation.


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