Having Pain This Golf Season? How Chiropractic Care Can Help You Better Your Golf Performance

It’s Golf Season! As the weather gets warmer, golfers are hitting the links! For many, this is a major form of physical activity throughout the summer months. During the long winter you may find yourself being less active, and getting back into your golf game could leave you with some unexpected aches and pains.

Here are a list of common golf problems we can help with:

  • Elbow pain/Golfers elbow
  • Shoulder pain
  • Wrist pain
  • Back pain
  • Ankle/Foot pain
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Pain in your back swing
  • Lack of rotation in your swing

There are 3 types of golfers that I commonly see:

1. The golfer who is experiencing pain in some aspect of their golf game.
2. The golfer who is seeking higher performance.
3. The golfer who is seeking a combination of the two.

As many golfers get older they may start to experience pain out on the golf course. This could be during their swing, or maybe it is pain in their back or hips from the walking. This type of pain will often prevent or discourage golfers from playing as frequently as they would like.

The most common issue I see in aging golfers is the reduction in range of motion during the back swing. This may be because of pain or lack of flexibility. These golfers will then start shortening their back swing. This causes a critical loss in swing speed, which has a direct correlation in how far you are able to hit the ball. These are problems many golfers don’t realize can be resolved with a proper assessment and treatment plan with a health care professional such as a chiropractor> or physiotherapist.

The majority of the pain golfers feel during their golf game is actually unrelated to golf. It’s generated from other postural or biomechanical issues that have gone untreated over time. These dormant issues then become active when you step on the course. Golf requires a lot of walking on uneven ground. This can create pain in the ankles, knees, and hips if there is some form of underlying dysfunction in those joints.

Then there’s the golfer who is seeking higher performance. A lot of golfers are always looking for ways to hit the ball further and straighter. Proper range of motion through the torso, hips, and shoulders will allow for a higher degree of powerful controlled rotation. This will then result in a faster controlled swing speed and longer drives. In regards to strengthening exercises, golfers tend to concentrate more on upper body strength and flexibility. Although this is important, the majority of the athlete’s power and control comes from their hips and torso. If you are able to achieve proper range of motion through your hips, you will be able to generate more power in the end and as well as increase your stability. Golfers often have difficulty utilizing their hips due to their inability to activate their glutesYou can’t strengthen a muscle that you can’t activate! Increased ranges of motion and muscle activation are things we can achieve very quickly in just a few treatments with chiropractic care. Once a golfer has increased their active range of motion, we can work to increase the strength and stability in these new positions.

Golf should be an enjoyable and social event. Don’t let pain prevent you from enjoying such a wonderful summer activity. Let us help you get you back into something you love!

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