Press Release - Choice Health Centre & Kinetesis Spine and Joint Clinic


Press Release

October 28th, 2021 Halifax Nova Scotia – Today, Choice Health Centre and Kinetesis Spine and Joint are announcing that they are merging under new ownership that includes Dr. Nick Stryniak and Dr. Erin Kempt-Sutherland. Dr. Stryniak has acquired a majority stake in Choice Health Centre.

With this merger, Choice Health Centre will become the largest clinician-owned multidisciplinary company in Nova Scotia.

“I couldn’t be more excited to merge the Choice Health Centre team along with the exceptional team of practitioners at Kinetesis Spine and Joint” says Dr. Nick Stryniak, owner of Kinetesis Spine and Joint. “We believe that our multidisciplinary clinics in HRM can help reduce the current strain on our healthcare system. By providing a higher standard of collaborative care, not only do we achieve better outcomes for our patients, but we also lessen the burden currently placed on our healthcare system. Better care means better results, and that leads to fewer unnecessary medical appointments, medications, and surgeries.”

Choice Health Centre practitioners work collaboratively from one chart and create personalized treatment plans for each patient.

“Dr. Nick has been a great friend and supporter of Choice Health Centre since day one. Our two clinics have always shared the same values when it comes to providing health care services” says Dr. Erin Kempt-Sutherland. “The Choice and Kinetesis teams offer a model of care that is truly unique to the industry. It is an integrated team approach that results in a personalized treatment plan for our clients that is results driven. Coming together with Kinetesis Spine and Joint under one brand just feels natural.”

Together, Choice Health Centre and Kinetesis Spine and Joint have four clinics within the HRM. Over the next few months, the Kinetesis Spine and Joint clinics will rebrand as Choice Health Centre.

As Nova Scotia’s largest clinician owned multidisciplinary company, Choice Health Centre aims to support clinicians through all stages of their career and plans to offer a partnership model. This will allow Choice Health Centre to grow throughout Nova Scotia with local owners who share the same vision.

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