Studio Classes – Clinical Pilates/Yoga Classes

* Class sizes are limited to accommodate policies and procedures related to COVID-19.

Clinical Pilates

Dr. Justine Landry, DC

Join our very own chiropractor, Dr. Justine Landry, DC at our Dartmouth studio for an 8-week group Clinical Pilates class!

The class is designed for all ages, body types and abilities. For anyone who is looking to improve their general health, get back into an exercise routine, intimidated by larger class sizes, or not quite sure where to begin, this is a great starting point. The class also has a strong emphasis on core and pelvic floor activation, which is great for anyone postpartum (not just new moms!).

The foundations of Pilates are core stabilization, alignment, posture, strength, and balance – things we can all benefit from! With our Pilates classes offered at Choice, we are using an evidence-informed approach incorporating the latest research to provide the most effective exercises to help meet your specific functional goals.

Before starting a Pilates class at Choice Health Centre, we conduct a specific assessment to generally screen the way your body moves, find any restrictions that may impact your participation and to ensure that your body will benefit from Pilates. Read more about Pilates for more information or to sign-up for our Clinical Pilates Classes with Dr. Justine Landry, call (902) 404-3668 ext. 1 or email Classes are covered under most major insurance plans.

Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Alyssa LeBlanc, RMT

6 WEEK SESSIONS – $120.00

Small classes to allow for social distancing, individualized coaching and modifications. Due to COVID-19 we are asking participants to please provide own yoga mat, blocks, and blanket.

Inspired by Alyssa’s desire to teach patients move better and help patients beyond her scope as a massage therapist, this anatomy-based class is ideal for beginners, those recovering from injury or underlying conditions and those looking to improve and maintain their daily functional movement. It is a perfect class to bridge the gap between physiotherapy to a home or studio-based practice and will incorporate chair yoga, breath-work while focusing on improving mobility, balance and strength of the spine, hips and extremities.

To sign-up please contact us at (902) 404-3668 ext. 1 or email

Station 12 Yoga

Choice Health Centre collaborates with Station 12 Yoga collective offering yoga classes and workshops. For more information visit


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