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[she/her] After a career working in different aspects of Human Services and Crisis environments across Atlantic and Northern Canada, Kat recognizes the need to help others connect with their bodies to navigate and understand the sensations related to pain and chronic stress as
an essential part to healing/overall wellness. Kat believes the more we can understand these sensations, the less afraid we are to make changes to strive toward personal goals and a healthy lifestyle.

Kat has extensive experience working as a Behaviour and Mental Health Care Professional with diverse groups in different cultural settings. These experiences have helped her build excellent communication and active listening skills. Kat believes in meeting the client where they are and operates her practice under a Trauma-Informed lense. Her client’s often describe her treatment as one that is happening with you, not just to you by combining a mix of functional neurology, active myofascial release and general swedish massage techniques. Kat loves to identify barriers to success through communication and client empowerment & believes the client always knows their body best. The goal is always to leave you feeling educated, empowered and supported in every aspect of your healing journey.

Outside of work, Kat enjoys hiking, yoga, gardening, mentoring, roaming the coastline for treasures and spending time with loved ones, her beagle Sophie and cat, Lady Jane.

List education, courses
– Human Services Diploma
– Massage Therapy Diploma (2200 hours)
– Gua Sha
– Simple Functional Neurology and Treating Trigger Points
– Improving Foot Function: level 1
– Mental Health First Aid Training
– Standing First Aid/CPR Training
– Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
– Excited Delirium Syndrome Training
– Emotionally Disturbed Persons Training
– Anger Replacement Therapy Training

Conditions commonly treated: Athletes – looking to improve performance and meet outcomes, Highly Sensitive Persons, Post-traumatic and Complex Traumatic Stress patients, Thoracic outlet syndrome, chronic migraines and nerve compression syndromes, Post Motor Vehicle collision Rehab (Whiplash, sprain/strains) Injury prevention/rehab Improve overall relaxation & wellness.

“Courage has been thought to be fearless, but fear is at bravery’s heart, an essential part. So step forward afraid, there is a future to be made. And even when we think we can’t do it – that it is simply impossible – remind yourself that courage can be built and that your capacity for growth is unstoppable” – P. Bodi

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