Choice helped me when no one else could

Just as businesses were shutting down and we were told to stay at home I found out I had advanced arthritis in my ankle. I was finding it very difficult to walk around my house, and I was taking the stairs sitting down so I didn’t fall. My doctor told me that until we could meet the only thing he could recommend was a brace to help me walk, but with all businesses shut down it would likely have to wait until Covid 19 had passed. I emailed Choice Heath Centre just to let them know about my situation. To my surprise they were able to order a brace for me and have it shipped to my house. They helped me choose the brace that best suited my needs, so now I’m able to walk again, even going out in the neighborhood for short walks. I also was able to have a virtual appointment with my naturopath and she is helping me work on my ankle as well.

I don’t want to think of where I’d be without them the past month, they have made such an impact on my quality of life. Thank you Choice!

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